ELS Partners with RCC

ELS has partnered with Reynolds Contamination Control in an effort to help customers monitor lubricants, fuels, and other fluids continuously and via the cloud at much more affordable rates. From renting, leasing, or in contract free of charge with lubricant purchases, ELS is dedicated to bringing the best technology forward to increase OEE!!!!!


Reduce or Eliminate ⇣ Downtime Friction, wear and tear Lubricant consumption Number of lubricants Energy consumption Cross-contamination Breakdown maintenance Labor requirements Cost of operations Increase ↑ Uptime Production efficiency Equipment lifespan Time between failures Cycle times Production times Quality levels Safety Profitability Manufacturing No matter what you manufacture, friction is costing you. Whether you’re aContinue reading “Manufacturing”

Municipal Operations

Industry 4.0 is going to require Maintenance 4.0.Precision lubrication is a huge part of that. As more operations implement automation technology, they’re also turning to automated maintenance solutions that deliver the right lubrication at the right time in the right quantity and at the right cleanliness. Municipal Operations Municipalities have a broad range of requirementsContinue reading “Municipal Operations”

Precision Lubrication

The Right Solution Extending the life of your equipment and maximizing your machine up-time boils down to a simple process:  Delivering the right amount of the right lubricant at the right time time and the right cleanliness.  Precision Lubrication The #1 problem we see in factory after factory is overgreasing, especially where there are high-speed rolling elements.Continue reading “Precision Lubrication”

Precision Lubricants

Elite Lubrication Specialties chooses the lubricants best suited for each individual application. Many times that may be a turbine oil from one lubricant provider and a grease from another. All sourced and stocked via Elite to make the MRO process easier, but not limiting performance by locking in a single supplier. Many times a corporateContinue reading “Precision Lubricants”

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance 4.0An industry slang term for the emerging trend of predictive maintenance, which uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict when equipment will require corrective maintenance so it can leverage Overall Equipment effectiveness (OEE) and avoid breakdowns. Predictive Maintenance Industry 4.0 has arrived, and with it, there’s a newContinue reading “Predictive Maintenance”

Proactive Maintenance

Less grease more often is better than more grease less often. Proactive Maintenance Preventive maintenance just doesn’t cut it anymore. To reduce repair costs andminimize productivity losses, many manufacturers have turned from fixedschedulepreventive maintenance to proactive maintenance, which delivers the precise amountof lubricant at exactly the right time to critical bearings, chains and other industrialContinue reading “Proactive Maintenance”