Transportation/Fleets For any fleet operator, equipment performance is directly connected to the bottom line. That means keeping vehicles on the road instead of in the shop. Pulling a truck off the road to change a lubricant that does not need to be changed is downtime that cuts into the bottom line in the same exactContinue reading “Transportation/Fleets”


Manufacturing No matter what you manufacture, friction is costing you. Whether you’re a machine shop, automated assembly plant or a high-speed processing plant, we bring a range of technical solutions that can help you maximize the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your critical assets. Whether you’re running a smart factory or a human-powered plant, weContinue reading “Manufacturing”

Municipal Operations

Industry 4.0 is going to require Maintenance 4.0.Precision lubrication is a huge part of that. As more operations implement automation technology, they’re also turning to automated maintenance solutions that deliver the right lubrication at the right time in the right quantity and at the right cleanliness. Municipal Operations Municipalities have a broad range of requirementsContinue reading “Municipal Operations”

Food Processing

FOOD-PROCESSING FACTOIDLower ISO codes lead to a direct reduction in bacteria growth in gearboxes and other lubricant sumps in Food Processing plants. To learn more about how bacteria forms in gearboxes and learn about strategies for eliminating it, read this whitepaper.  Food Processing Food processors have a number of unique requirements when it comes toContinue reading “Food Processing”