Proactive Maintenance

Less grease more often is better than more grease less often.

Proactive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance just doesn’t cut it anymore. To reduce repair costs and
minimize productivity losses, many manufacturers have turned from fixedschedule
preventive maintenance to proactive maintenance, which delivers the precise amount
of lubricant at exactly the right time to critical bearings, chains and other industrial equipment components.

We install the highest quality single-point and multi-point lubricators to keep your operations running smoothly with precise lubrication and precision lubricants—often at no extra cost.

ELS also offers a variety of lubricant storage, transfer and in-operation filtration processes that will extend your equipment life by up to 10 times, and prolong your lubricant lifespan significantly. Our goal is to help you understand—and exceed—the ISO Cleanliness Code levels in order to get optimum use from your equipment and lubricants.Less grease more often is better than more grease less often.

ELS offers a variety of Single-Point Lubricators including computer-assisted electromechanical and cost-effective electrochemical SPLs that deliver reliable, clean lubrication to around the clock. Specifications and benefits:

  • Constant renewal of lubricating film during application ensures equipment availability
  • Reliable, clean and precise lubrication 24/7
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
  • Reliable lubrication, even in dusty or moist environments
  • Discharge periods from 1 day to 24 months
  • Lubricant volume 60 cc to 250 cc / 2.02 oz to 8.5 oz
  • Operating temperature from -4 °F to 140 °F / -20 °C to 60 °C

ELS also offers Multi-Point Lubrication (MPL) kits and custom-built MPL applications that deliver a metered amount of precision lubricant to multiple points from a central reservoir. They’re the perfect solution for keeping multiple bearings or lube points properly greased, especially in large facilities with high lubricant volume requirements. Installing the right MPL solution can help you save on lubricant expense and labor costs—and keep your machines running.

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