Preventive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance
Repairs to equipment that is already broken down with a focus on restoring equipment to its normal operating condition. Known as “breakdown maintenance.”

Preventive Maintenance

Lubrication-related equipment failures happen every single day, costing an estimated $1 trillion a year in reactive maintenance, downtime and lost productivity in the United States. Proper preventive maintenance can help you avoid these failures, especially when complemented by proactive maintenance and predictive maintenance solutions.

Difficult preventive maintenance schedules? No time? Preventive maintenance tasks not being completed? ELS will help solve your PM problems with onsite assistance or one of our proven solutions.

And if you have an unplanned breakdown, we won’t judge. We’ll fix it, immediately. And then we will tell you what happened and how to avoid it in the future. We’ll also recommend maintenance processes, best practices, precision lubricants and cost-saving opportunities.

Cost-saving opportunities

ELS can help you reduce expenses and improve profitability by making sure you’re delivering the right lubricants in the right quantities at the right time.  The biggest mistake that most companies make is that they have too many lubricants. Plus, many operators either over-grease or under-grease equipment. Our audit process often allows us to identify areas where you can consolidate the number of lubricants in your plant and reduce the quantities needed in your operations. These changes can save you between 5% and 40% — and the intangible benefits are even more substantial:

  • Less equipment downtime
  • Improved maintenance schedules
  • Better maintenance processes
  • Increased equipment performance
  • Reduced amp draw, power consumption
  • Improved worker safety

For more information, or to schedule an audit, email or call us.

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