Precision Lubricants

Elite Lubrication Specialties chooses the lubricants best suited for each individual application. Many times that may be a turbine oil from one lubricant provider and a grease from another. All sourced and stocked via Elite to make the MRO process easier, but not limiting performance by locking in a single supplier. Many times a corporate contract is in place, we are happy to work within those parameters to best serve the customers needs.

Precision Lubricants

Making the investment in high-performing lubricants protects your equipment and keeps it running, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Elite Lubrication Specialties distributes a variety of precision lubricants that outperform conventional lubricants in most industrial applications—from automotive manufacturing to energy plants, from food processing facilities to transportation/logistics equipment.  Our precision lubricant offerings include:

  • Industrial greases
  • Gear oils
  • Food grade lubricants
  • Turbine oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Engine oils
  • Synthetic lubricants 

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