Municipal Operations

Industry 4.0 is going to require Maintenance 4.0.
Precision lubrication is a huge part of that. As more operations implement automation technology, they’re also turning to automated maintenance solutions that deliver the right lubrication at the right time in the right quantity and at the right cleanliness.

Municipal Operations

Municipalities have a broad range of requirements when it comes to equipment maintenance and efficiency. Elite Lubrication Specialties has significant experience working with municipalities at local power generation plants and water and wastewater treatment operations, as well as fleet and logistics operations.

We understand the unique challenges of each type of operation and can help you establish or maintain standards and best practices for safety, proactive maintenance, and predictive maintenance.

We also offer comprehensive audits, oil analysis, education, best practices implementation and training. We supply a variety of high-performance precision lubricants and precision lubrication solutions that are specially designed for:

  • Energy and power generation equipment such as generators, steam turbines, gas turbines, boiler feed pumps, ball mills, rod mills, bowl mills and other machines.
  • Water and wastewater treatment facility equipment such as grit washers, clarifiers, blowers and other equipment that is at risk.
  • Fleet equipment including passenger vehicles, buses, trains and heavy equipment.

For more information, or to schedule an audit, email or call us.

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