Food Processing

Lower ISO codes lead to a direct reduction in bacteria growth in gearboxes and other lubricant sumps in Food Processing plants. To learn more about how bacteria forms in gearboxes and learn about strategies for eliminating it, read this whitepaper. 

Food Processing

Food processors have a number of unique requirements when it comes to safety, extreme operating conditions and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Elite Lubrication Specialties brings considerable expertise in the food-processing sector, including best practices for safety, proactive maintenance, predictive maintenance and plant audits.

We also supply a variety of precision lubricants that are specially formulated to withstand the tough conditions that come with food-and-beverage applications: high temperatures, high speeds, susceptibility to contamination, washdowns and more.

We specialize in single point-lubricator solutions that help reduce water contamination, susceptibility to contamination, wash-downs and more. Elite Lubrication Specialties supplies H1 and H2 precision lubricants that offer solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation, wear, foaming, staining, odor, frequent visual inspections and more.

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